Enclosure Fathom – Part 1: Exhibition – Transmutation HOLOGRAPHIC Highway (5519) & Transmutation HOLOGRAPHIC Memory Of the Soul (5520) A –

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          Transmutation HOLOGRAPHIC HIGHWAY (5519)

We moved apartments into a new building in Geochang – Gun, in South Korea.  There is a river which runs through this little town. It has breathtaking natural scenery, surrounded by mountains.  We lived near the local cell phone tower company headquarters. At night I could hear the sound of turbines. It is as if the proximity to this tower elevated spiritual ‘wifi signals’.  

I arrived in the town called ‘little apple’, in the middle of the night after having spent two and a half years in Turkey.  On my second night in our apartment, I woke up. I saw a man. He leisurely climbed down the apartment wall, opened the fridge and looked inside. I was very afraid and started rebuking him.

My husband woke up and did not see a thing.  The next morning a neighbour asked, why I looked so depressed.  I immediately recognized him from the night before. I said to him, it is because some people do not know spiritual boundaries, next time I see him in our apartment would be the last time for him.

  • My husband was very embarrassed as the man was a new colleague at work!
  • That was until the man very shyly admitted to being a bit curious and as a practicing  Buddhist goes on ‘spiritual walkabout’ at night, astral projecting himself.
  • He said, he comes from a beautiful city named Busan and will make restitution by taking us there one day. And so he did!  Busan was entering my field of consciousness. It was the city where we were supposed to go to, at first. The weekend that we spent with our host in Busan, occurred months later. I was on my way to a conference in Tokyo in Japan.
  • The night before I had to leave on the trip, we went to walk on the beach in Busan.  It led directly to the inspiration for my next picture:
 Transmutation HOLOGRAPHIC Memory Of the Soul (5520) A

My husband and I were standing with our backs to our host who was quietly meditating. Other visitors to the beach set off some fireworks.  We were praying and holding each other when our host started to take pictures. He was very apologetic. As some pictures of him and my husband came out the same way. I looked at the picture and saw, that he had actually managed to photograph part of our holographic memories hanging around us in pillar form. It was not new to me, but it did give me the strength to go out and actually draw what I had seen – in Geochang – Gun; lots of holographic memories openly surrounding people. We also took a trip on a boat called ‘Tiffany’.

Possibly the space on earth where I saw such things with the most detailed clarity, but also one of the most dangerous places to be spiritually without training, Godly wisdom, and self-constraint.

  • You will find a copy of the photograph included in the downloadable catalogue pdf file; on page 7 – under ‘Enclosure Fathom Part- 1’ in the main menu.
  • We decided to move from the old apartment after I could not function on a daily basis. Our apartment was not only located near the cellphone tower boosting wifi signals but we were in a town, well known as a ‘spiritual portal’. 
  • Our final decision came after I had a great fright one morning. It was on a Saturday. I sat on our bed. As I looked up, a young man on a surfing board was surfing through our apartment and when I said, ‘nooooo’ he had such a fright he fell off his board not to be seen again. Outside it was snowing fiercely.  For a moment there, I saw sunshine and seawater.  
  • With this work of art, I attempted to draw on a flat scale the spiritual portal which had opened that day. It is a monumental task and just a very simple blueprint. In Enclosure Fathom Part- 2, you will find that I have reworked the ‘simple blueprint’ of the work and imitate with technology, much more of what it is that I have seen. (please see the attachment below named:  picture id nr. 446)
  • This picture exemplifies a satellite which resembles the International Space Station, which picks up and relays signals and is at the center of a lot of interaction. 
  • One of the things which affected me most was hearing an old lady crying day and night during a festival. 
  • Seollal is one of the biggest holidays in Korea along with Chuseok (also known as the Korean Thanksgiving day). Seollal is the New Year’s Day in the lunar calendar. The word “seol” is originated from the word, which means unfamiliar, implying newness of a new coming year.  On Seollal, Koreans demonstrate their respect to parents and elders in the family, as well as deceased ancestors through Sebae ( New Year’s Bow) and Charye (an ancestral ritual).
  • (REF: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Korean_traditional_festivals)
  • I could not sleep or do anything during the day. I then started praying and eventually had visions of an elderly lady with long hair in pajamas. Our apartment block was newly built. I saw that it used to be her home, while she was alive and that she feared that her family would not return during that year. I prayed for her soul and for her children and the vision as well as sounds stopped.
  • We still moved to another apartment. I thought it would be better to move there. I include a short clip of it. I soon realized that whatever I had believed or thought was possible or impossible, was about to change forever.
  • On the day that we had moved into the apartment, we were the only people there, save for the owner. As I opened my suitcase to unpack a small boy came walking in at his leisure.
  • He casually put his face into his palms and elbows on my bed and gave me a message.  He changed into an adult after I started rebuking him. I asked him to leave. He was dressed in Tibetan clothes. He refused and just sat quietly in the entrance area where the shoes were left. I prayed to God to send an angel. Shortly thereafter, I asked him one last time to leave. Upon him refusing, I saw a round light flash and he was gone. My husband saw nothing, just light flashes. I tried to take a picture of our refusing guest. You can judge for yourself. 

         (please click on the link below and see the attachment photos below named:  picture id’s nrs. 451, 452 & 453.)

Please see the video at the ‘foot’ of the main page.

  • The first video is a short clip of the new tiny apartment.
  • During 2016; I added some wool elements to all of my artwork. It is something that I see, in the spiritual realm, but never knew how to portray on a flat surface.
  • Transmutation HOLOGRAPHIC Highway (5519) is, in my opinion, one of the most important works that I have ever done. I strictly believe that it can only be enjoyed in person. It has a very strong aura and basically refuses to be photographed properly.  Unfortunately – it and UVEA ( 5522) have the kind of aura spectrum, which interferes with photographic equipment.
  • Please listen to Oxygene 4 by Jean-Michel Jarre.
  • Album: The Essential
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_I2ch8_TXc


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