Enclosure Fathom Part 1: Limited Edition

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  • The artist is fascinated by the codes which program us biologically.
  • A touch of Edward Collier exhibits another layer of the artistic, inspirational spectrum.
  • Her work is a personal interpretation of Vanitas, using Chladni style vibrational sound waves collected directly from the spiritual realm.
  • She sees herself as an interpreter, an observer of what ‘simply is’, seeing her work as a puzzle, a map, and a musical composition.
  • Most of the works in this collection are of an A4 size, created with a combination of colouring pens, wool, fine calligraphy pens, and watercolour paint.
  • The catalogue colours may differ slightly from the original works. The collection consists of 7 works.
  • The collection is based on “The Rose – Zero-knowledge Protocol (5523)”. It features on the front cover of the catalogue. It is not for sale.
  • Each of us is surrounded by our holographic memories.
  • Who can fathom what encloses each person? That is the question posed by the artist with this collection.
  • The artist started on the collection while in the Republic of South Korea, and has continued working on it throughout her travels which have included; Japan, the Republic of South Africa, Hong Kong, New Delhi in India, and Shanghai – Zulijiao in the Republic of China.
  • She completed the work, which spanned over 8 years in these different locations, in 2016 in the Sultanate of Oman.
  • The work has taken many years to see, to download from the spiritual realm, and many more, to translate into its current artistic interpretation.
  • She added a ‘wool element’ to most work during 2016.
  • The positive energy of the buyers of her art is as important to her as the positive energy with which she has visualized, formed, and presented in her art.
  • The artist encourages the buyers of her art to enter into a relationship with her, and her art, as part of an ongoing relationship that can be characterized as a holographic soul memory exchange.
  • Copies to download of the catalogue for the exhibition, are available. Just scroll down this page.
  • You will see that it is in two different pdf files. The pdf file, to use if you would like to take a closer look at the work, will be the one, marked ‘pages’
  • There is also a copy enclosed of the  ‘Chladni’ musical pattern grid. Do feel free to take a look at it.
  • By now you have probably guessed that the artwork here, each contains a musical composition if you know how to read it. It may keep you busy for years to find it.

A lovely flashback; the video sent out by CMS LAW to invite clients during 2018, to this exhibition.


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