Contemporary Landscape 2019 – CICA Museum: 01 – 11 to 17 – 11 – 2019

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‘’Contemporary Landscape 2019: Exhibition – CICA Museum: 11. 01 – 11. 17. 2019 ’’

Look under catalogue list – nr  27Sharmaine Thérèsa Pretorius

  1. ‘’I Wanna be A Star Walker.’’ (2008)  & 2.  ‘’The Rose Revisited: The Floating Matrix. ’’ (2006).

‘’I Wanna be A Star Walker.’’ The artist started this work in 2008 as she visited the aquarium in Busan and heard between all the noise ‘a frequency of emergency’, as the only way she can describe it. She eventually walked through the whole building and found a sea star in a tank, who looked quite depressed. She wrote a letter to the aquarium at the time and said, the sea star may be allergic to some paint on a rock, used for decoration in the tank. She said it was the very first time in her life, that she had received telepathic messages from a marine life form. It continued long after she got back to Geochang – Gun. She wrote a children’s book called ‘Kerree Shambo’, about the sea star. The book will be published in 2021. She used the strongest work of art about horses, which was uncompleted at the time, photographed it and made it into the image of a star; walking. She says, she meditated on the picture and beamed it back to the sea star in Busan aquarium. Her message was: ‘we are who we think we can be.

‘’The Rose Revisited: The Floating Matrix.’’ Since her own childhood, the artist regularly had dreams of a floating book, in the form of a rose which unfolds like a rose, as well. From it, she is able to read, about many topics, and as the world changes, so does the information change in form. It is multidimensional. The book is ethereal in form, dainty, light and of conscious fiber. This picture represents the front page of the book in 2D. It is based upon her work, which formed the basis of ‘Enclosure Fathom – Part 1 – exhibition, (2018)’ called ‘The Rose – Zero-Knowledge Protocol (5523) WHICH IS NOT FOR SALE.

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