Enclosure Fathom Part 2: Limited Edition – Restitution and Contrition: (5521) C – It Slept In The Fields: Dial On Realms.

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  • This work is based upon;  Enclosure Fathom Part 1: Limited Edition – Restitution and Contrition: (5521). It is accompanied by a story and is dedicated to the memory of my grandmother Let and my grandfather Hugh.
  • The work itself  – It Slept In The Fields: Dial on Realms (5521) C – is dedicated to every animal or positive being; humans weigh/ count or perceive as less worthy and choose or chose to experiment upon, purely because it is felt that they hold/held less consciousness than humans. In all realms, including space.
  • In English ‘God’ reads ‘Dog’ backward. Our minds immediately make the association in our deepest psychology. We are told many times that we can find ‘God’ in nature and in space and heaven is someplace upwards, vaguely somewhere across the space frontier. We are told to leave only seeds of goodness, in the lifespan of other beings, both inanimate and animate.  Many children and adults form opinions and beliefs based on reading matter, oral history, etc. In English when people are really good at something they are told ‘you are the top dog’. When people wish to show sympathy they are sometimes called, champions of the ‘underdog’. We are a complex species, with complicated ideas. Today I wish to dwell with you in the garden of our ‘Cerebellums’ – little brains. The primitive versus the more sophisticated.
  • You may have heard these names somewhere, and have even seen these stones somewhere?
  • Laika
  • Baker
  • Marfusa
  • Sam
  • Belka
  • Strelka
  • Chernushka
  • Hector
  • Félicette
  • Veterok (Little Wind)
  • Ugolyok ( Blackie)
  • NASA named this soil target BELOW, on Mars, after Laika during the Mars Exploration Rover mission.
  • How do they interact with YOUR life? Read up on some of the notes, after the story.

Ostracon to Nature – Experimental Listening Across Fields of Time.

  • The little girl was a bundle of uncontainable excitement. ‘’Grandpa – I had to wait for almost 3 weeks before the angel came and brought me the answers.’’ She knew the rest of the conversation and its forthcoming jewels depended heavily on her ability to have Grandpa work through the statements.
  • The little girl’s grandfather was ticking off the statements in his mind:
  • ‘’It wasn’t the angels’’ – 1) primary statement – no signs of insecurity that led him to believe that it was a question of sorts – the answer included again. Or did he miss a question?
  • ‘’It took almost 3 weeks of waiting for the angel to bring the answers.’’ – 2) secondary statement
  •  – His granddaughter was telling him that like Daniel she fasted for 3 weeks and prayed for her answers from a higher power – got them – from a higher power – had lost 5 kilograms and also managed to get rid of her food in creative ways.
  • 3) ‘’ I kept the food in my mouth and played with the food on my plate and I didn’t chew. I spat it out in Gretchen’s bowl. He liked it.
  • I did not cheat Grandpa – only when Aunty Wren called me a little vixen and forced me to swallow my food – I went to the toilet and puked it out and asked for forgiveness.
  • I puked again after an hour and even the water came out. I didn’t want to lose the answer ‘cause Aunty Wren wouldn’t listen to me. I am not a vixen Grandpa and I didn’t want my body and soul to talk too much. I wanted to hear the whispers in the wind’’.  4) ’’ I did not lie. I told Aunty Wren I was feeling bad and I did not want any food’’.
  • ‘’Felix ate the tablets on the table yesterday and Aunty Wren took him to the animal hospital – I didn’t want to poison him Grandpa – I just did not want to spoil the message!’’
  • Grandpa shook with laughter. He felt sorry for Felix but thought Wren was out of pocket, having Felix the poor cat and all his nursing at the animal hospital, to take care of. Probably a bit of divine retribution if you had to ask him, in his opinion.
  • The little girl said – ’Grandpa – I saved the ice cream money .‘
  • ’’I put it behind the stone in the downstairs garage in my rosy handkerchief. I’ll give it to Auntie Wren!’’.
  • The little girl was defending herself against Grandpa’s thoughts as quickly as they presented themselves. The little girl interrupted: ’today I need that medicine of Auntie Wren – but I cannot say anything Grandpa, I am nauseous because I ate too much this morning – I swallowed twice. The reverend Beacon says to only take it slowly at first after breaking a feast.’
  • ‘’You mean; fast.’’
  • ‘’No Grandpa – feast – f.e.a.s.t.’’
  • ‘’I think my spirit had a feast while I was waiting. My body and my soul had a ‘fast’ lesson. They learned about not getting a voice. That’s what reverend Beacon says.’’
  • Grandpa stopped the conversation saying: ’Listen with your human ears child, this is getting too complicated so early in the afternoon. I am still buzz nogged from my nap’.
  • ‘’I will not share the ice cream money that I gave you with; Wren. One opinionated, miserable, wretched woman.’’
  • ‘’You can take your hiding when your Dad finds out and save that money for the microscope.’’
  • ‘’You read too much about the church and all their little peccadilloes.’’
  • The old man was angry. He felt the ropes slipping away from him.
  • ‘’Evil, horrible ‘people’ who entrap and enslave nations, burn books for a living and when they want building money for shrines, seek to enguilt you for sins you did not do or have any conviction about and then demand money from you to beg their forgiveness for they presume in their devilish mightiness that the right to absolve us from sin belongs exclusively to them.’’
  • The little girl was all fired up then .’’They are a bunch of hooligans then Grandad but ‘NOT’ Daniel – he would have set them straight and ‘MAYBE’ let the lions ‘TAKE A SMELL AT THEM’ . Daniel knew the Living Word personally and angels were his friends.’’
  • The little girl knew the words – ‘set straight’.
  • She heard those words – frequently – just not in a positive manner.
  • ‘’Will Daniel, also pay the price when your bottom is tanned the latest color of Grandma’s chemise lounge cushions when your father has to painfully take care of his parental guidance duties. He is the one that will pay for Felix’s bill you know.’’
  • ‘’Besides how ‘did’ Daniel know that those ‘angels’ weren’t ‘demons’ – what did he have to compare, what he saw, too?’’
  • The little girl became tearful. ’’I am sorry Granddad. Sorry, Daniel. He would not tease the lions with them – he loved his bad neighbors. But, Grandma says she belongs to Jesus, but she dislikes the church.’’
  • ‘’Auntie Wren says we are a ‘church-going people’ but she never listens to anything I say.’’
  • ‘’I want to know about the book of the church.’’
  • ‘’Some of the people in the ‘church’ do evil things. Those who burn books are – ‘’kutush’’ – bad people Grandpa.’’
  • ‘’But I fasted and feasted, and the angel/s came and talked to me. They are good angels. They gave me answers to all of my questions.
  • They were interrupted by the demons that came to bother them, but ‘they’ came back after they chased them off.
  • Those were good answers, Grandpa.’’ The little girl frowned in great concentration while she spoke.
  • ‘’The man from the church never gives me answers. He told Grandma I’m too big for my boots and he told me – ‘child you just have to believe – honor God and honor the church’ in a soft voice, just after talking to Grandma’’.
  • Grandfather knew better than to stop the little girl.
  • The wild hair shook, her fingers shook, and her long reed-thin legs looked ridiculous beneath the straight, short, green, colored dress.
  • Earlier that day, she raised a commotion as she did not want to wear a pink dress. She hated pink dresses. They were for little girls. She was little and was something, but the concept of being a little girl – felt remote and astonishingly frightening to her, not to mention ‘evil’.
  • ‘’Grannnnpaaaaaah!’’
  • ‘’Not my legs – not nowwww’’.
  • ‘’I am trying to get to my bottom. I will defend myself when Daddy has to do his duties. I will tell him that only Aztec sign lice – makes pink color stains – then he will laugh or feel guilty – he would NOT want me to think he’s a louse. Or he will give me a make- believe hiding like last time.’’
  • ‘’Last time I had to shout and make-believe cry. He gave the bed a hiding to keep Mommy Happy.’’
  • ‘’I read the record again, I don’t have a book to show him, Grandpa.’’
  • ‘‘Hmmm, so that is why you are so comfortable about the prospects of a tanned derriere then. You’ve found a way into your fathers’ heart. You are sinking low child, manipulation is a dangerous thing child, don’t become like most women.’’
  • The little girl burst into heartbroken tears. She could take anything life threw at her. She could not take being compared to women. Most of all she hated the feeling of having let down her Grandpa.
  • Grandpa ran his fingers across the small bundle’s hair. She jumped onto his bed, after first revving herself up on both little fists and managed with an arc to land in front of him.
  • She immediately reversed herself against his chest and sat there quietly crying.
  • Grandpa gave her a shaky hug. ’’Child take your hiding like a man. If your father asks you why you did it – tell him – if he does not: ask him if he wanted to hear why you did it and what you were doing.’’
  • ‘’Currently, your father is still an ???hole – I told him so just yesterday. An ???hole unlike most other people, but an arrogant ???hole nevertheless.’’.
  • The little girl and the old man, both wiped away each other’s tears with his huge handkerchief. They both knew her derriere was about to be ‘’pinked’’ by means of the wisdom of lice from Mexico. She could not wave off the rush of curiosity. ‘’Grandpa what is a derrie…something?’’
  • Grandpa told her, just as her parents were about to leave, making sure that her Father could hear him; ’remember child, you did not invite Felix to eat the tablets – cats are a nuisance always in the house – snooping around – listening to conversations – wanting to be stroked for it and giving purrs of bliss because they are recompensated for spying on people. They should be outside in nature, not confiscating tablets for human use.’
  • ‘’Let’’ – he called Grandma without missing a beat. ‘’Call Wren, if she wants to stay here she has to get rid of that cat. Imagine a child having to forfeit ice cream money just because a bored cat cannot keep his boredom to himself.’’
  • The little girl’s father knew he was being cornered. Wren was his sister. He knew then, that they ‘d all overstepped the line with his wife’s father. He just could not precisely make out how as yet.
  • When they walked beside the house on the way to the car, the old man moved himself laboriously towards the open window. The family downstairs looked up. They saw an old man watching them through the window. Wild white hair billowing in the wind – a non-modern Einstein – shouting – ‘now don’t you dare credit Daniel with that!’ His wisdom – timeless though.
  • The brothers and sisters walking downstairs on the neat cobble stones shook their heads.
  • ‘’Dad is really getting senile in his old age.’’. ‘’The white bobbing, wildness ran and stretched herself out to her full length and saluted Grandpa. She shouted – ‘’Third respondent – guilty party.’’
  • Her uncle grabbed her and said – ‘hey don’t you now go and copy his madness, you’re crazy enough as it is!’
  • ’’Get in the car!’’
  • ‘’Who the hell is Daniel?’’
  • The little girl was happy but quiet. She knew that it was the Living Word who spoke to her, she listened. Daniel was the messenger, she then spoke to Grandpa – who acted on the Living Word – everything worked in 3’s – maybe what they called the Holy Spirit revealing Himself?
  • She could hardly wait to have a feast again.
  • She was also no longer afraid of apples or strawberries; she now knew that their coloring did not come from ‘lice’. The angels said they grew according to a fixed program and that God gave the ‘order’ but that she must remember that someone ‘jacked’ the program.
  • She still needed to talk to Grandpa and tell him about the answers to her questions about the dead seed. It had all started about 4 months ago.

It was early spring……..

Listen and watch ‘’Nature sounds is a one- minute meditation’’ with me. Licensed to YouTube by user: Speliotis

  • She watched the servants clean the huge estate. She watched the cook clean and wash the dishes. She watched the grown-ups eat the lovely food on the beautiful, shiny table. She watched the gardener arrange the flowers in their exquisite arrangements on the tables. She watched him, wash the lice off the stems of the flowers, cut the dead leaves and blemishes out.
  • She went and spoke to the flower arrangements: ’you are make- believers, you must enjoy your beauty – when the people come. How tired you must be to flower and fend off the pests.’
  • ‘’Do you feel pain when the insects sit on you and eat your leaves?’’
  • ‘’Do you suffer when the cook takes you out and leave you in the bottle in his room to die off?’’
  • The little girl gave the cook the crepes. He thought she was knackered in her top story. ‘’You little mongrel, I spent two hours shining that glass covering and you come and dirty it – in order to talk to? m+%flowers! You ugly little ‘’peeping Tina’’, have you been inside my room again?’’
  • The little girl jumped off the table and ran with lithe, little legs and went to hide in the loft on the upstairs floor in the corner. She took the pencil and the red book from behind the block in the wall and surrounded herself with chairs. She was safe.
  • She made notes. ‘’The seed is always in the fruit, was what was written on page 47.’’
  • There were many questions, each posing its own intriguing premises:
  • ‘’Do plants each talk on a different line like Grandpa’s gramophone?’’
  • ‘’Why do some flowers talk to me and some flowers not?’’
  • ‘’Do plants prefer to be in vases and have their ability to talk fade out but be glorified by people’s words, compared to being left outside in the wonderful wind and talk to the end?’’
  • ‘’Do they gain something from the adoration of people?’’
  • ‘’Is that adoration also in the seeds when they die off again?’’
  • ‘’Why do flowers have to die before the seed can become ‘’fruit’’ again?’’


  • ‘’We are being lied to – by somebody.’’
  • ‘’Plants grow up, but they immediately start decaying the minute they start to grow in time.’’
  • ‘’Aunt Wren spends 200 Roebels a month on makeup and crèmes but she is decaying every day.’’
  • ‘’Babies grow up, but they start to decay; the minute they are born.’’
  • ‘’The dining room is cleaned but the minute it looks clean it already starts to decay – same with the food the cook prepares or the table setting, the flowers, etc.’’
  • ‘’Men have seed and put that inside the bag inside a woman – someone gives an order and the baby comes. Daddy always says, he got his orders. Women have eggs, they decay just like the seed of men and just like babies, just like plants, just like flowers.’’
  • ‘’I AM frightened because where is my spirit’s seed? Does that have to die before it can live again?’’
  • ‘’Is there a worm of time, eating everything up?’’

The cook and all the servants came to look for Helena on the 3rd floor. Her mother took the precious little book. Her mother got hysterical.

’’You are possessed.’’

That night the dinner at the General’s house was canceled at short notice.

Helena suffered the utmost humiliation.

The catholic priest dumped her repeatedly into a huge, deep bath of ice-cold water and held her nose shut. Her mouth and eyes were bound shut with the tube of a bicycle.

She clawed and scratched and prayed. The priest rebuked devils and bruised her tiny body. She fought back with all her might and some of the servants helped to press her under. The Catholic counted off the beads one by one, as she was submerged.

Her mother could not stand the suffering anymore and probably saved Helena from drowning at an early age. The household was quiet. Some of the servants felt cowed beneath the hands of Catholics who knew nothing. Some of them agreed that Helena needed to have some retribution for hiding away and pestering them daily and hourly with questions, if and when she could be found. The little girl was so tall for her age and was so spirited that everyone had forgotten her ‘earthly’ age.

Most of the staff cried in the silence, however, for the lack of knowledge. Many of them wanted to leave in the quiet of the night that evening – but loyalty and fear for the girl – kept them there.

  • Helena was a small basket in the middle of the bed. Under the blankets, a still shivering Helena was reading the book of Daniel. She had the white-haired dog with her, that belonged to the cook. The small dog made it to her room every night and knew exactly how to do so in order not to get caught. She held the little dog tight around his neck. They were both in the middle of the enormous bed. The tiny oil lamp made a ring of yellow light in the basket and fumes. She could hardly breathe, she did not care, neither did the dog.
  • The dog’s name was Oscar.
  • She whispered to the dog – ‘I wish Daniel had told the king who came to visit him after he threw him inside the lions’ den – to take a hike! Jesus said forgive them for they do not know what they do. They knew tonight Oscar. They fear the truth and the devil more than they fear God himself and I am so little. I have to grow up quickly.’’ I think I will have to eat, but God has to help me then, ’cause it’ll give the body a big voice.’ The dog gave a small growl and half bark. Snuggled in her neck again.
  • The next day Helena was back on track. The household carried an ill silence with it every day.
  • From that day onwards. Helena had it worked out inside her mind. She was now Protestant – she’d been baptized in a bath. She refused to let the devil get his say in her life.
  • Her family called themselves ‘Orthodox‘ but rode the roads of life in all sorts of strange wisdom.
  • She left to stay with Grandpa for the weekend and took her mental list with. She also asked Grandpa that day for something after assuring him she was not crazy – she wanted to know where she could get ‘sperm’, without lying or stealing ’Men’s seeds’, were what she called it.
  • Procreation of species was such a repulsive thing to her that, that part of the mechanics of the production of ‘seeds’ did not form part of the equation, in her mind. She did not know the word ‘sex’. When she saw the domesticated donkey in the field trying to mate with his female companion she chased him with a stick and later after major trouble erupted, had to admit that she wanted to kill the snake that was alive in his belly with the stick – ’it had no business being there’.

The child was utterly confused.

She knew camels had humps and that kangaroos had bags, but that donkeys carried deep within them – live snakes smelt like pure evil to her. To find the grown-ups defending the snake inside the donkey made her fear their specific type of madness even more and had her distrusting them even further.

The little girl added two more questions she asked Grandpa to think about: If she was dyslexic because she turned the words around, what was the name for people who could hear, but did not recognize the truth in words?

Throughout her life, Helena would search for such a word.

  • Grandfather had a weak bladder. ’That’ day Grandma chased her out of their master bedroom for the first time in her life. Grandfather laughed so much, the toilet was too far away, and he could not reach the pee pot under his bed fast enough. His hands were always shaking by themselves already as well. The laughter shook the old, cracked army belt – but not enough to move the – buckle an inch to help him reach the pajama pants button fast enough.
  • When the old man realized he would not make it – he laughed with glee and enjoyed the pee in his pants half over the floor half over the pee-pot. ’’I celebrate freedom of religion. There is no religion of mankind, that is greater than the truth!’’.
  • Helena was laughing hysterically, and Grandma had to physically drag – carry her, like an unwelcome package, out the room into the passage, and afterward slammed the door shut.
  • The girl felt sorry for Grandma and knocked on the door – asked if she could help –  Her normally, soft-hearted Grandma said – ‘yes – you can go call the servant and ask her to bring me a big bowl of hot water, spirits, and ammonia.’
  • Grandpa was cooing reassuringly to Grandma. He said to her: ’Let, for the first time ever since I visited Kilimanjaro – I had a great laugh. What a frivolous, empty people we are. We fight to have our children educated. Then when they arrive hear half-educated already, we work equally hard to quieten them down again.’
  • Grandmother Let was not in a good mood. She did, however, hug Grandad and said – ‘they must just not get so clever that they know how to make you pee your pants every time the Catholic priests drive some demons out of them’.
  • ‘That’ was a mistake – Granddad did not know about the previous night.

   ‘That night’

Helena’s father sent someone else to fetch her and her other siblings. He knew then, that he truly must have been truly stupid having allowed his wife to almost let the Catholic priest drown Helena the previous evening.

  • Grandfather said he was sorry that he did not pee on Helena’s father instead. He added that, that in fact was what ???holes were meant for. The old man was livid.
  • When the military horse buggy rolled up – he shouted his message to Helena’s father through the second-story window of the old mansion: ’Tell that ???hole, if he wants to collect Helena from this house – just so that he can have some boy kissing, devils messenger, drown her in my daughter’s inherited house’s bathtub – he can think again. Take the rest of his ‘Catholic minded’ breed and ‘bugger off’ my property – and tell the priest and him if they want to ever see Helena again they can come here and I will show them how to get rid of devils – I’ll pee on them both, and not on my bedroom floor!’
  • Helena was ashamed, ashamed of her parents and ashamed of Grandfather for having no other weapons left in his old age that people could see with their physical eyes – than peeing –
  • She felt comforted, to know though, that Grandpa was more of a man of God than every other person or Catholic that she’d ever met. He still wasn’t Daniel though – due to his colorful use of language sometimes.

She knew then that the words ‘’MENE MENE TEKEL’’ would follow her for the rest of her life. She knew and understood people, but they did not know or understand her, and chances were that one day after Grandpa died, she’d be totally alone. The tiny prodigy, knew life would be difficult for her – always –

  • Grandpa did give her an idea after she would not relent about, ’the seed’. He told her he did not have all the answers about the seed being in the fruit. He also told her that he did not know what Jesus meant when He told Nicodemus that one had to be reborn in his spirit.
  • He told her about hormones and young men. That there was a way. Grandpa had to explain that glands were like trash bins, roads, etc.
  • Helena found out why the boys threw the paper behind the wall sometimes. She did not know the words, but she knew that there was some mechanical way that men used to collect their own seed, for their own pleasure – driven by the hormones.

Grandfather swore her to secrecy. She had to save up and work for a microscope. She then had to first study all the biology that refers to the male and female procreation organs and then, she would be allowed to go and collect the ‘seed’. He said she had to know it off by heart and that she had to repeat the 30 – 40 odd pages word for word. He did not bargain on the quest for truth that drove Helena.

One week later he had to relent to the wild-haired, little girl – ready to ‘repeat’. The young men held what they called a ‘chicken parade’ every Friday behind the barn. Helena was not allowed to see the ‘mechanics’ of the parade. She had to make sure that she did collect the papers the young men threw next to the wall – as soon as they were done. In such a way she could collect ‘seed’ and experiment on it. They would stand next to each other and see who could shoot out their seeds further than the white chalked line, on the sand

Grandfather mentioned to Grandmother that Helena could use some gloves for experimentation with ‘nature. ’He knew Gran wanted new white – church gloves. He failed to tell Grandma, what ’kind’ of nature.

Grandfather was half driven by loyalty, protection, and curiosity but also by a greater fear at the ripe old age of 88.

He became worried – what if Helena was right? How did our spirits have to die in order to give life again? It would mean that the manner of death would dictate the manner of life that would be available afterward. He feared for the intelligence that commanded the little girl, scarcely 3 years and some, of age. The world seemed to be too small to contain such insights.

Some people would not understand the help that Grandpa gave Helena. He feared that she would attempt to try and find out for herself. The funeral blemish on the family name was still fresh in his mind.

  • At uncle Gerstrom’s funeral, Helena was fascinated by the proceedings. She watched uncle Gestrom hold and touch some of the people. He looked at himself in his funeral casket and try to blow out the candles which he couldn’t. Helena went to sit in the front pew to be able to get a better look at him. He looked a bit bewildered and when he realized that she’d seen him he walked towards her. She got up and ran from the church. The driver of the buggy, caught her just in time as she took a long jump off the steps into his arms – ‘don’t let him touch me, don’t let him touch me’….she was shouting at the top of her voice. She had read in her small Bible, when you touch dead people, you are unclean.
  • Later when her father held her in his arms still, she asked the formidable question to her father and the other men in general: ‘do men also shoot out seed like plants – or flowers?’
  • ‘’Uncle Gestrom died – did he shoot spiritual seed Daddy – that was ‘so’ quick – I saw him at the funeral. He flowered so quickly again then.’’
  • ‘’Aunt Bern says women do not lay eggs they get them, ‘but’, men have seed.’’
  • ‘’In your library, the book says, men seed woman. If men seed woman – and babies are born – then are the babies the seed? Is that why we must die again? Why don’t mommies and daddies die after they have babies or just the mommies?’’
  • ‘’When did uncle Gerstrom shoot his seed again?’’
  • ‘’Is his body also going to be born again?’’
  • ‘’I saw his spirit!’’
  • ‘’If I wait here at the cemetery, can I see when he shoots seed Daddy?’’
  • The young men started to laugh uncontrollably but try to smother their laughter under the solemn cloud of the proceedings. Gerstrom’s widow passed out and was given some smelling salt therapy by her sister.
  • One of the old crows ran up to Helen as she tried to fend her off, elbow in front of her face……’’You cunning, little devil! You will go straight to hell – we can bury you alive here and now and see if you shed some seed, you evil girl!’’ (later years Helena treasured the words ‘murder’ of crows)
  • Helena grabbed onto the collar of her father’ s uniform. ’I did see uncle Gerstrom – he is standing on top of the soil; he says Blanchard was too damn lazy to lift up a finger again, now look at it!!’
  • ‘’I see him – I do Daddy, I do.’’
  • Helena’s father loved his daughter dearly but sometimes felt he had to flee away from her presence. He feared for her. He never knew precisely how to deal with her or the usual commotion that managed to get stirred up around her. He did get it right at times though. Helena knew her father loved her.

Grandfather knew it also. He also knew that Helena had to learn to master the humbleness of enjoying such love, without taking advantage of it – she could read minds – Grandad knew that for sure. It also meant that the time would come, and like all other people she would know there is a lesson to be learned regarding treasuring something without abusing it’s obvious ‘perks’.

Throughout her life instead, Helena would always try to screen ‘that’ ability out. She was afraid of what she heard every day. She thought most people crazy themselves, not knowing who they were, where they were or where they were going. She did not trust people. People were dangerous beings, without direction.

  • God also found ‘Himself’ in great trouble with Helena. She could not think, why a good ’parent’ would keep full disclosure from His creation.
  • Life did not make any sense at all to her. From an early age she realized a truth that governed her life: People were in prison. How they got there and who the warders of that prison were – she did not know – She ’did’ know that it was a prison UNSEEN by most people.
  • Mostly she was frightened because she could see and hear, and other people couldn’t.

She had made up her mind quickly enough also that God could not have made the current model of men available on earth. He would NOT create people with living snakes inside them.

He would especially NOT choose living snakes to seed women – of that she was sure.

  • Later when Grandpa tried to explain to her that the ‘mechanical process’ of seeding each other, gave people pleasure through some form of friction – Helena could not believe it either. For days on end, she sat with her finger rubbing on the side of her hand and under her feet – but it got ticklish and she just giggled. Then Grandpa explained to her – one first needed hormones – to be able to get that special pleasure from the ‘friction’.
  • Helena had a new enemy – hormones –
  • In her mind – hormones – were the messengers that controlled the ‘live snakes’ – She swore solemnly to Grandpa that she never wanted hormones or have anyone near her with their ‘’live snake in hand’’ – she’d kill them first!

She also discovered when she did not know a language, people’s thoughts did not bother her that much. So, she decided to start traveling as soon as she was able to and avoided learning the languages of the people in her immediate surroundings, during her travels. But it was never that simple!

Experimentation with dogs in space:

On 22 July 1951, the Soviet Union launched the R-1 IIIA-1 flight, carrying the dogs Tsygan (Russian: Цыган, “Gypsy”) and Dezik (Russian: Дезик) into space, but not into orbit. These two dogs were the first living higher organisms that successfully recovered from a spaceflight.

Laika (Russian: Лайка; c. 1954 – 3 November 1957) was a Soviet space dog who became one of the first animals in space, and the first animal to orbit the Earth. Laika, a stray mongrel from the streets of Moscow, was selected to be the occupant of the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik 2 that was launched into outer space on 3 November 1957. Soviet personnel gave her several names and nicknames, among them Kudryavka (Russian for Little Curly), Zhuchka (Little Bug), and Limonchik (Little Lemon). The Soviet Union and the United States had previously sent animals only on sub-orbital flights. Three dogs were trained for the Sputnik 2 flight: AlbinaMushka, and Laika.

Vladimir Yazdovsky made the final selection of dogs and their designated roles. Laika was to be the “flight dog”—a sacrifice to science on a one-way mission to space. Albina, who had already flown twice on a high-altitude test rocket, was to act as Laika’s backup. The third dog Mushka was a “control dog“—she was to stay on the ground and be used to test instrumentation and life support

Our whole existence on earth sounds like a space novel, of how did we get here? Who are we and where are we from? What can we become? What are we? This collection is all about the ”enclosures” surrounding each of us, unseen by the human eye. How can we each fathom that in others or in our surroundings and how should we pay respect to these unseen enclosures in others?

Names: ”An ostracon (Greek: ὄστρακον ostrakon, plural ὄστρακα ostraka) is a piece of pottery, usually broken off from a vase or other earthenware vessel. In an archaeological or epigraphical context, ostraca refer to sherds or even small pieces of stone that have writing scratched into them. Usually, these are considered to have been broken off before the writing was added; ancient people used the cheap, plentiful and durable broken pieces of pottery around them as convenient places to place writing for a wide variety of purposes, mostly very short inscriptions, but in some cases surprisingly long.

PS. The work is a small ode to the unseen visitor, taking a nap, dialing across space-time as others in nature follow its path, to tune in and listen to the signals of consciousness around it, in a Cerebellum garden. 



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