Enclosure Fathom Part 2: Limited Edition: The Car – Chapter 2 – Vanitas.

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The Car – Chapter 2

*Russell jokingly suggests in The Philosophy of Logical Atomism, ‘…the point of philosophy is to start with something so simple as to not seem worth stating, and to end with something so paradoxical that no one will believe it.‘ *🚕🕹️✨🌼

He had almost forgotten his old military training.
He took a pencil and started writing down. Erasing mistakes every so often. He started to laugh softly at first then louder and louder. It was very early morning. 

His secretary came barging in, he was holding his midriff with laughter. She brought in a glass of water.
He stopped laughing after a few minutes and asked for the details of the officer held in the DB. He sent word to have the guard fetch the female officer and have her brought to his office.

A tall reed thin female officer stared back at him.
The mop of red, blonde hair escaped every so often from the air force cap and when she saluted him, he could see her salute was somehow a bit off but could not figure out exactly how it was off. A pale skinned bright blue-green – eyed girl, watched him intently as he asked her to sit down…..

….. earlier on campus…..

Her thoughts wondered off to him, she thought of him as a showboat. They were a class of 23 international students, in Paris and a dwarf.
So, they proudly called themselves the class of 23.5.

The dwarf exuded power even from a distance. People respected him without even knowing why. So, they called the class that, without her vote. She respected the dwarf too much as a man.

They were waiting in the psychologist’s office, each sitting in a pale green upholstered chair.

The psychologist looked at the two officers ready to lay down the law.

Before she could lay into Helena some more, Helena climbed into her character with an icy voice: ‘Pardon me general, this is one of those awkward times when reality, sexuality and banality meet at the crossroads. I’ d best not take recommendations from a Sharon Stone wannabe about #basic instincts#. I was there in case you have forgotten when you sat at the UN Aussie camp next to the bonfire. You should actually have spared everyone’s time and energy and sat in it rather. That would have given the proper signal. Both Jovan and the psychologist jumped up. He wanted to do the right thing and give them privacy. The psychologist went straight for her eyes.

He pinned the psychologist to keep her from attacking Helena. “See, that’s what he’s good at. Pinning down things, especially women. Keeping them helpless or thinking they are helpless to do anything about anything.”

She ran and locked the door and pocketed the key and immediately hit him with the square old-fashioned calendar on his right hand, as she grabbed it.
He was forced to let go off the psychologist. She jumped at Helena and pinned his step- out, military style shoe with her high heel and crushed his toe, which had him shout out in pain. He gave her a mighty push which worked in Helena’s favor. She used the motion to slam dunk the woman onto her own desk face down.

Jovan was in such pain he just sunk backwards into the plush – pale – green – upholstered chair.

It was a nightmare. The room was soundproof.
There was an ornamental huge, oversized, wooden spoon, stuck on a woven round African flat basket as a wall decoration. 

Helena grabbed it and gave the girl an old-fashioned farm wallop with the spoon:
“This is for Gary…. who is married and weak and can probably not remember a thing about UN Camp barbeque.”

“This one is for Scott…. who is married and weak and who is probably having evil imaginations about your….. and your……. and your…… everyday.

“This is for all the other officers who saw you, but were too afraid to act, but can’t unsee what they have seen, and who probably….” 

“And this is to teach you about, the rules of purity. Your blondeness and lipstick come from bottles which renders you with poisonous charm which deludes and misleads the uninitiated or inexperienced. If you want to do things, go do it in the privacy of your own home, by mutual consent. Be professional.”

“But the fruit of the Spirit/NOT WEEDS is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is NO LAW.”

Jovan counted 9 more thuds. One for each fruit. And 4 short ones for “there is no law“. It was just one of those things. He could never get 9/4 out of his mind. He had a vivid imagination.

The blonde stopped crying during the last portion of her hiding. She just quietly laid on her desk, faced sideways.

Helena let her go and put the spoon back.

She turned around and stood in front of Jovan. Shoulders back, chin up. It was only then that he noticed the quiet tears streaming down her face.

“I would not let myself be preached to by the likes of ”Ménage à trois 19….”

”Any fool knows how to open a zip. How to keep it closed; now that’s the mark of real men. Men who know what it is to conquer one woman, and to know he is the only species out there, that can elicit that exact response or respect from such a woman, be it while she fights him, love him, or is being protected by him.”

“Lifts full of men hold their manly bits against women who are not able to move, across the world. Helpless to do anything. Erected bits won’t buy or conjure up anything in this heart or mind, on the weakest of days. Her eyes started to flash fire. It only causes hate and anger.”

“That is also why female psychiatrists or psychologists should never marry their patients.”

Women are taught to marry strong men, not just predators like the general here.

“You are both predators. You started this first, way back at base camp. You let those troops think it was normal, to do what they did. It is normal to have desires and to have hormones, but everything else about distaves, is about control.”

“What business did you have discussing my sexuality, and its boundaries, or trying to break me in like a cheap filly.”

“You were planning to rape me in a very dedicated way, even though you had it planned and worked out very slickly. I had warned you upfront.”

His eyes instantly got a dangerous glint in them. Suddenly he was sexually on fire for Helena again, found himself helpless to the feelings washing over him. He jumped up and lunged at her.

“It is muscle memory you ape!”

She ran behind the desk and grabbed it towards, her, ducked and stowed away as deeply as she could underneath it.

He got down on his knees and looked inside. She sat with her knees drawn up. Arms across her mouth. Only her eyes shone defiantly at him.

Every muscle in his body weakened. He could not speak. He looked at her and before he could check himself, he blurted it out: ‘I love you.’

He woke up in hospital.

The psychologist had put the full stop about his love declaration to his head, hitting him with her own calendar from above, passing out from all the excitement herself on her desk as she was.

Helena slowly came out underneath the desk.

She was taken to the military DB quarters. She had refused to make a statement. 

Showboat came to bring her something to eat.

He handed her a small carton. She could smell what it was. Space cakes.

She opened the box calmly and grabbed him by the throat and forced two of the cakes down there.

The female guard had to fight her off him. Showboat was running for the water tap.

He too joined the DB. He was as high as a kite for two days.

Helena got put into solitary. But as the beautiful steel gate went, it became her typewriter.

The Dean of the campus, but also head of the officers designated program sat in his comfort basket, very early when he heard a faint noise. It rolled in, riding on the wind from across campus, from the makeshift DB.

They must be a wild bunch. He did not know why they needed it. That is how he heard Helena’s complaint about unfairness, sexual abuse, military wusses, that purity had a right in the known world still etc……. She had hammered in Morse Code on the security gate for at least 7 hours, while she was in the DB. 

He looked at Helena sitting in the chair. Everything about her shouted nerd. As that thought crossed his mind she started to blush cherry red. It left just her cheeks pink. He thought she was so tall and had such voluptuous high held, 16th century breasts, he could just imagine what she would look like in an old-fashioned dress, with thickly embroidered material, high laced back trimmed, fine handkerchief lace in hand.
The bottom of the dress would have to be at least 1-meter 5/6.
Her eyes lit up. She started to smile. She was fascinated. A man trying to work out, how much material would go into a dress? 
She did not make a squeak.

He looked down at her file and started reading. Pressed the buzzer and had the secretary offer her something to drink. That was his test for everybody who crossed over the threshold of his office door: how do they drink whatever they do?
He said to her, ‘give me a minute’. He, started to read and was interrupted by the secretary.

He watched. Saw her barely noticeable irritation that the spoons did not match. Saw her quick once over and paid more attention. Her eyes could not stop going back to the tea tray. The cloth did not fit completely, and the three-tiered porcelain plate had beautiful delicate petit fours on them, but the plate was just slightly off balance.
When she picked up the teacup and said about the petit fours, ‘maybe later’… he knew exactly how she grew up.

He looked back at the file and lost himself in it completely. When he looked up again, she was studying him intently. The top tier of the plate was no longer skew, but she had taken the tray cloth and rolled a petit four into it, in an elegant parcel. “My takeaway Sir. If I am not mistaken, you have more of these, she pointed to the tray cloth. I shall return it clean and fixed soon.”

“Something needs fixing?”

“Yes Sir, this tray cloth’s lace is worked on skew, and it also does not fit the tray even were it not skew.”

“It holds bearing on you as well as your office, so perhaps, it needs some fixing rather earlier than later.”

He started laughing. She just grinned wider and wider.

He found the honesty refreshing. She was someone who obviously was a fixer – nerd.
One with excellent manners when it comes to tea, and then he saw the dress again. He imagined her holding a cup of tea in the 16th century but thought her hair would need some taming.

She blushed deeply. Pushed her hair back further underneath her cap. But the clip sprung off and her cap first flew sideways and then fell to the floor.
She blushed even more and asked if she could be excused.

He agreed and sat looking at her file. He asked his secretary for the class attendance records and the incident reports for them, and started looking through the list, just as Helena entered again.

She sat quietly while he read. The assembly bell went, but he merely stuck up his hand to signal for her to stay put.

He closed the file and just took off his glasses and rubbed his cheeks.
He could not believe by a stretch of the imagination that Helena was capable of what was written in the file.

He called his secretary again and gained access after an hour to the videotape and audio of the incident in the psychologist’s office.
His leg was in pain. He wore a prosthesis from just below the knee down.

“If I did not see the footage, I would never have believed it.”

He suddenly thought of Angelique and Comte Jeffrey de Peyrac. She was born in the wrong era. In his mind, he immediately christened her Angelique. Her purity of mind regarding sexual matters and that only one man can possess her, caused his breathing to deepen. He felt warmth rushing over him. He saw Helena in a ballgown dress. Layer upon layer. A fur stole delicately resting against her neck. A dark blue jewel resting just above her ample bosom on a thin woven gold chain.

He saw a fine cape of dark blue velvet, to throw around her shoulders but also to draw her closer to him.

He came to his senses suddenly. This is not a woman to toy with. She would only give herself to a man of the highest ethics.
He wanted to protect her, so that she could get her chance at total and complete happiness.

He looked up at her. Her eyes had darkened and were smoldering with something between embarrassment and deep anger, cheeks flushed.
He wondered what was wrong with his conduct.

Once he had sorted everything out, she was out of the barracks. In future he was the one who would control any indiscretions on the campus amongst the 23.5 officers.

Unfortunately, there were more than enough of those to make him spend more than enough time with Helena.

If Showboat did not pin her hair to a table stealth from behind, him and his buddy Jeff were trying to get her into any and all sorts of trouble.
Showboat would never forgive her for the Space cake incident. She was the only female in the program and suffered much under their onslaughts. 

The Dean was livid. They got into her room and cut off each button to each shirt she owned and the hooks off all her brassieres.
She in turn got into all 8 lockers which belonged to Showboat’s gang, after excusing herself from class. She cut crinkle cut cookie holes in their 4 sets of pants and underpants and kept the circles as trophies.

For once the Dean had, had enough of the narcistic young man and his gang. He ordered them to stitch their clothes themselves and to buy her new clothes before the next day and collect the other items from the campus storage facility. It was 6 pm. They had to take her with.

It was the first time she had and ever would lie to him. She said, no sir it wasn’t her who cut the holes. She kept nix with her fingers behind her back and they told him so. When she just blushed and said nothing, he decided to openly let it slide, to the chagrin of Showboat and his gang. They all knew.
The Dean sent another senior military officer with them who stood no nonsense from the lot of them.
She got new clothes but wore and washed the one bra throughout the week until she could go shopping. She bought the most luxurious brassieres and lingerie she could find. They bulked about the invoice she gave to the Dean.

He just said to them, ‘well, I for one, do not know what she wore before, and apparently her destroyed property got thrown away.’
Each of the guys’ stipends were gone for the month of March, and they were walking around with badly stitched up pants and underpants. She wore her hair in braids. After their first aircraft test run, Flyboy started calling her Pippy. He was the newcomer. 

Helena had a plan that day inside the lingerie shop. She bought a pushup bra and high cut tanga panties. She took two of her old bras to a tailor and had him sew in some bits of elastics as she was going to use them as “ketties”.

She purposely wore the Push Up Bra during the week and the pushup sports bra during sports practice and lab work.
She also bought a huge bottle of Youth Dew, Perfume by Estee Lauder, and lip gloss with minimum sheen.

She studied the effects of pheromones on the human body and bought a kind of sweet, which smelled like musk and left a powdery smell with it, on her breath.
She also bought baby powder. 

She chose her seat carefully during every class. Making sure that during her 3-week plan, her pheromones and theirs would be within the biological natural range and would attract each other.
She had a list. But the day she went to sit across Jovan Izakov, he got up and said,, ‘I am not playing’, got up and left class.

The dark eyed, dark-haired newcomer, called Flyboy, just watched her through lazy eyes and suddenly drew close. He whispered softly in her left ear… ‘careful now, my pheromones may just get yours first.’

He smelled like fresh mint, mixed with a strong musk smell. Their eyes met and she could not help but grin. He had a different plane of awareness, consciousness, she immediately became aware of that. 

She admired his spunk and self-assuredness. But as he turned away, he first looked down at her bosom and back into her eyes and smiled again and went back to his seat.

By the end of class, he walked past and slipped a note in Helena’s bag. That night she found it. It was a drawing of a long flowing dress. The top was a halter neck one with just two daisies covering her respectfulness. She blushed deeply.
She took out her new bra from the cupboard. It was shimmering white, and on each side there was a pure white daisy flower, her favorite field flower. It somehow felt contaminated. It always symbolized. friendship to her. She wondered how he knew. But made the math, he was probably a seer.

As she walked out to visit the campus laundromat and turned a corner, Jovan grabbed her roughly and pinned her arms above her head to the wall and pushed his right leg almost between hers, just as enough of a deterrent for her not to move. Her basket flew the other way. He had caught her totally unawares. She was dressed in just a cream t-shirt and cream trousers and a pair of Clark’s, her long hair in a long side ponytail. Without her glasses her eyes looked extremely soft and shiny. 

He stooped down far and saw fear just for a second cross her eyes. The others were boys. Him and the dwarf, the newcomer and the Dean were men. Real men. 

“Helena, I have learned my lesson and I have learned it well.”

His breathing suddenly became shallower. He let her arms drop and pinned them behind her with one enormous right hand and grabbed her around her waist with his left hand in a steel grip. Her eyes panicked and she started to breathe faster.

His eyes dropped down. He groaned and brought his head down as she pushed back and bit him by the lip almost tearing the inside part of it off. He only let go of her because Showboat grabbed him from the back and tried to hit him. Jovan just touched his bleeding mouth and turned and left hastily.

He took his handkerchief and wanted to still help her when the Dean grabbed him from behind, ‘you peace of shit, you come here to this campus…. and you think the world….’ 
He hit Showboat so hard, all 6.3 feet of him fell on top of Helena who was still standing against the wall, but also pushed her over and she hit her head against the concrete flowerpot.

They entered the sick bay each holding one half of her. Her head was bleeding.

Jovan jumped up, in the midst of having his lip stitched in shock about Helena.

Showboat dropped Helena like a wet rag and left the Dean with a sudden dead weight. The Dean grabbed onto her tighter and shifted position catching her just in time before her head hit the ground. He managed to drop her onto the emergency room hospital bed.

A nurse came rushing in and immediately saw Helena was bleeding from her head and mouth. “What happened?”

“It’s him, he tried to rape her again!”

Showboat threw Jovan with the kidney shaped bowl full of anti – sceptic. The orderly pushed him away from the glass cabinet and called security.

The doctor chased them all out.

Showboat gave the Dean a statement inside his office.
The doctor gave both patients anti- tetanus shots and kept them overnight.

She drowsily woke up from something. She tasted something salty. Her hand was moving. BUT not by itself.

He was crying with the deep sobs, only those who knows tremendous pain could utter.

She tensed and jerked. But as she opened her eyes, she saw what it was.

He sobbed and as he sobbed he would let his tears fall on the skin of her fingers and pulse area. He would lift up her fingers wet with his tears and wipe her fingers slowly across her lips, as if to cleanse her.

The ‘daisy dress newcomer’ watched through the glass. He was mesmerized by the scene in front of him. It was the most beautiful act of atonement he had ever seen.

She was still looking up at Jovan when her mouth opened slightly in utter fear and her pulse started racing! 

She thought he was nothing less than a serial killer! 

It all smelled like a serial killer reliving his sin and remorsefully pre-emptively reposing his victim!

She was a highly trained forensic specialist. To her the actions fit like the ABC. 

Helena’s hair was hanging loose and wild all over the bed and pillowcase and hung far below her midriff.

She could not slow her breathing down; she was still in shock. She started hyperventilating. 

He was still sobbing but suddenly saw she was awake.

He immediately calculated.

The warmth started spreading from his legs up, rendering him almost useless against the strong tide of it.

Her fear was the strongest aphrodisiac to him, yet unknown to her. Her arm with the drip was already in the manacle so she would not disturb the drip in her left arm. He was a trained nuclear physicist but started out as a medical doctor.
It literally took seconds to put her other hand in the other manacle.

Her chest heaved unrhythmically as she tried to control her breathing. Her left leg was also manacled and was only covered with a thin white sheet. He manacled her right leg, as she aimed a kick at him.

She was petrified.

The whole time he did not say a word, but she could sense his arousal step by step as his breathing and eye color changed.
She simply did not have the strength to fight him again. They gave her a strong muscle relaxant and painkiller, about 20 minutes before. 

He clamped her mouth with one hand and held his hand behind her head and said ‘sjjjh, Helena will you please m….’

Flyboy was shorter than him but grabbed him and had him choked out almost immediately.

He opened the manacles and held a hysterically crying Helena, while security took Jovan to the DB quarters.

He visited a pale Helena in sick bay. He sat down, next to the bed on an upright leatherette bright orange chair.

He just looked at her. He brought her a tiny Chinese porcelain vase with one, pure, simple, white daisy inside and put it down next to her on the bedside table.

Flyboy watched her with his lazy eye look. “You are not a Pippy. You are a Heidi from the mountains. Pippy is just the mask.” On cue she started to blush. He enjoyed making her blush more than he would ever let on

He took the tissue packets folded neatly from the gift bag and sat them on the side of the bed. “I am afraid I did not come bearing gifts. These are delicates belonging to you. They got left behind on the staircase the other day, part of your laundry.”

She blushed deeply. “Hi, I haven’t even greeted you yet.” 

He took her right hand; in a soft but firm manner – as if – it was the most natural thing in the world to do. She blushed and tried to pull it away feebly. He just planted a soft kiss on it and put her hand back up on her other arm. 

With that he got up and said: ‘and this is so you will never forget me mischievously.’ 

He took out a beautifully wrapped white tissue paper item with a neat bow on it, from his backpack. He gave it to her and said, ‘get better soon’ and she blushed again. “Remember me!” 

He barely had time to duck, as he reached the door entrance. The lollipop made of hardened candy and the artistical pure white daisy which decorated it, splattered into tiny pieces. 

She drunkenly fell halfway back into the bed, as he caught her just in time before she keeled over. She still had bad concussion. She just waved her hands at him to go. He stayed. 

“He glared at her passionately. I am not a boy, neither is Jovan. That sweet symbolized exactly what, no, ONE of the things, I would like to do to you. But I am a man, and real men don’t hide what they want. I cannot even promise not to try to take you by force, or that I would act responsible. You drive my heart nuts. So, Cherie, I wanted you to enjoy that flower softly tasting it, now you will just calm the storm with me. 

He could have saved his breath. She was as out as a light

He kissed her forehead and on the lips. Left before he did real harm. 

She just wrote one exam and left without a word to anyone. She took a job in Switzerland at a hotel. She just prepared Alaska puddings morning, noon, and night. She owed the military 3.8 million dollars in study fees and for Paris, if she did not return to the university on their tab. What was more, she could get a jail sentence.

*It was a sunny day outside. She looked at the picture of a white daisy. She thought about the blue car, the class of 23.5 used for picnics and outings. She suddenly felt weak with emotion. The postcard attached to the boot simply said: 23.5 Daisy. 🎶Love is A Stranger🎶

She remembered him saying, that one day even if it was in a hundred years, she would want him in that way, he would make sure of it.

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