Enclosure Fathom Part 2: Limited Edition: The Car – Chapter 3 (FINAL) – Vanitas.

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The Car – Chapter 3 (Final)

”In the transition from mechanical solidarity to organic solidarity, brought on by increasing division of labor, industrialization, and urbanization, Durkheim argues that there will be social pathologies, which he calls anomie. These abnormal and unhealthy consequences of the change in type of social solidarity have various causes. Durkheim is best known for arguing that a lack of moral regulation leads to social pathologies, but he also argues that overregulationin the form of forced division of laborwill lead to fatalism, a kind of anomie…… which I suffered from..”

It was the type of answer Jovan Izakov gave to the Dean about what had happened in the clinic a couple of days before. Showboat almost wet himself! He laughed, bent over and grabbed his knees,…. ‘f…k you can’t be serious, you are using overregulation with Helena as an excuse, so what were you doing before? Were you f…ng the kitchen zink in the mess then? For pity sake she is a girl, but none of us….. ‘ And so started the second fight of Jovan and Showboat as they clashed head on in the Dean’s office. He threw them out and told them to go fight it out during recess he had, had enough of their ego’s.

The lawyer was the one that directed Jovan in the right direction. ”You gotta get your head out your ass man. You probably have more brain cells together than this whole shitty French campus and the whole country together.”

”I listened to that answer and you are flying up there, high in the stratosphere above mere mortals my man.”

Flyboy overheard the lot, commenting, Jovan will never be able to satisfy Helena even if it is true that Jovan had wanted to ask her to marry him that day at the clinic and was just afraid she would scream and not listen. That makes Showboat even more of an asshole than he already is, and for some soppy romance, but he for one thought that nature had shown its colors in a very specific way.

The lawyer threw him a zap sign and Jovan grew paler and paler. Before he could lift a finger or hand, the lawyer grabbed him and turned him away, against a lot of resistance and said ..’just leave him, he wants to goad you man and soothsayer isn’t here to get you outta trouble, you will get kicked out. Now come on!!! F…………………………………..K!!!’

He sat at the restaurant in Verbier. He asked the chef to call the girl who had prepared the Alaska pudding, that they were famous for. He hardly recognized her, her hair was short and blonde and under a chef’s cap and she lost her contact lenses and wore glasses.

She immediately started to bolt, excusing herself.

He would have to think of other ways to get her back inside the program. He left her a bottle of bubbles with a neutral note, a picnic cloth and a flashlight.

A form appeared in the darkness.
Spectrum in tenebris apparuit.

appear again
appear as servant
appear before
appear before one
*She looked at the paper inside the envelope*

It started out with a lot of Latin words.

all the sentences ended in ……. a kind of anomie….

Having made the joke during their Tesla studies in Bordeaux with the car and time in Paris was one thing…..

She ran outside and looked up into the colorful storm above her house…. It weren’t the flashes that got to her nerves. It was the deep start of an engine. A specific engine. It sounded like a Dodge Charger or an old Zephyr. But however she tried, she could just not pinpoint the sound exactly. She even though it had to be a type of Harley Davidson. The storm went on and on and on. It was a beautiful show of light with eerie rumbles and notes of barely heard music few and far between.

She looked up and the next moment a bright blue/silver object flashed through the night, hovered far above the street in front of her house and zipped past, hovered on the horizon again and disappeared swiftly. Suddenly the storm calmed down immediately.
She clearly heard in her mind: *obversorq* and the list continued.

As life goes: the first thing she noticed about it, was the smell. Mars had a smell. The Moon had a smell. Earth also had its own peculiar smell. When Buzz Aldrin was questioned about what space smelled like, he said he could never work out why it smelled of hot metal and barbeque meat. He said it had left him, feeling quite disconcerted.

Then the woman heard the noise. First she heard lots of different noises, voices, white noise, pink noise, a countdown, the deep surge of powerful engines, smelled heat and heard whining and so it went.

The car was metallic; grey~ blue. It had a beautiful backside. She just laid her hands down gently on it, and listened to it.

It was like reading a storybook. It told the story of “the almost forgotten”.
First he had sabotaged the car’s ignition switch via the car’s onboard computer. Then when COVID 19 struck, he happened to overhear that her car got stuck at a garage in the capital of a small country, where it was under lock and key and the garage owner had to leave for his Homeland too.
He swiftly stole the car and had it flown almost 48 hours in total to his company work place.

For days on end he’d planned how to get to work with the payload, to square it off. Eventually the two men sat together drinking their blues away, pseudo enemies here. “Let’s do it. Let’s show the two Amazon pilots, space isn’t …..”

The first thing she got was a picture: her car’s registration plate; starting with 7…. sticking out of some red sand and some stones and a picture taken through a car window of the likes of a kidney shaped – lookalike – clinic pan; like the one he threw Jovan with, on the stony ground.

She looked at it for a couple of minutes. Her mouth opened. She was in total shock. She got up. You total…. HOLE!!!!! She ran outside and shook her fists at the sky, and shouted at the top of her lungs. Barefoot in long sleeve shirt and slacks, no head dress. The neighbor across the street’s boy came out to look at what caused the commotion.
She walked back inside, felt dangerously mad.
She thought to herself; he is worse than Lilo and Stitch, you could not take him anywhere! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🛸🚀☝👀🕊

When the driver returned the car months, almost a year later, she knew.
She looked in every nook and cranny. 
She loves me, she loves the carnot, she loves me, she loves the carnot, she loves me, she loves the carnot….. attached to a dried flower. She had to use a special looking glass to read the tiny script on each dried flower leaf. How he did it, only he knew. 

A delivery guy also brought a tiny bottle of Sunlight liquid. She blew bubbles with it all day long and listened to music. She started laughing. She laughed uncontrollably. Went upstairs onto the roof and danced to imaginary music. She went to the kitchen and danced, she danced right through her lunchtime.
.. 👂
The “Amazon” 20 000km further away got part of her private chopper’ cn nr…

One woman looked at her right breast while she showered that evening and thought about the mark on the side of it and thought to herself, forget losing a breast. This is war. She phoned up the other woman. The woman was no longer angry at her for the hiding of way back when and was now a brunette.  They had a surprise for the two guys. 👀😇

She questioned the car very closely when it came, checked and double checked its facts. Hid it away herself. Every time traveler – gamer was looking for it by now.

In reality  it had 47.25 million kilometers plus on it; to the mm.
Add the 72000 plus earthly miles and flight of 48 hours.

She took her sandal and gave the car a hiding with it.
“Next time you are taken, you refuse or you stall or you punch a tire, for goodness sake just don’t let yourself be taken so easily.” She jumped away from the car, as it revved itself up. The radio went on and a clear voice said after some hearty laughter. “My baby its boot is full of sensors, why did I know you were going to give it a good old fashioned pakslae….”

But cars learn too.

Suddenly there was just static. The car switched off the radio first and then slowly started to open and  close the sunroof. She stepped away from the car as it started to close its boot and locked itself.

After all of this time.
She and the
Car had an understanding. It can                 
Not go running around the Universe. She had to sell it, if only to stop him.

Copyrighted by the artist SHARM.T.P 2021

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