Enclosure Fathom Part 2: Limited Edition: The Car – Part 1 – Vanitas.

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The woman started to cry like a child when the insurance agent asked her how many miles were on the blue car, standing outside?

She held on to four things only: you can only break the law, break yourself against certain spiritual laws, or go for grace, which is always above law, according to the arc of the covenant as she knew it. Then there was the sheik.

The man had turned her car worthless by his act of sincerity.. She knew he was searching for signs but thought he would get the message from the work ‘’Tabula Recta’’ in blue, left in Los Angeles. It was a story about a-rose – a – star. But the other man read her art collector clues wrong and made out the word ‘’car’’.

You can decide yourself who had sent the holographic appearance of the car on her kitchen counter, to warn her? The Nissen claim, they did it. Then again who the heck knew who made it to other planets or not, either. Behind every puppet was more than one puppet master.

It started with her driving the luxury sedan on her way to the shopping mall in the heart of the desert. She decided to take the single line road past the mountains, just to get stuck behind a truck going at 45km an hour. She refused to overtake the truck as she knew how drivers behaved in the ancient city.

Cars started to overtake her immediately the moment she got stuck behind the truck. She realized the danger and indicated and started to fall back a bit and put the Tiptronic into manual gear, waited for the road to clear, the onboard computer to check traffic approaching in the opposite lane and checked her mirrors and off she went. The car thundered its power and she picked up speed, as she reached 90km an hour, just enough to pass safely, a car suddenly overtook another one on the mountain road in the opposite road – going – at least 130km an hour.

She could smell the danger; it was 46 degrees C outside. It was right at that moment that her car’s CVT system overheated and lost power. The car started over revving, there was nothing, the car was losing power rapidly, but a strong wind propelled it from the back. She was next to the truck and started breaking, another car behind her crept up, but did not leave her enough space.

The car in the opposite lane approached at rapid speed. She continuously pressed the car’s hooter. The truck driver was oblivious. The car approaching at even faster speed apparently too. He had all the surety in the world that she would get out of his way, he did not in any way, shape or form slow down.

She started to break lightly and lightly and stronger and started turning the wheel to the left, she slacked down enough to make a handbrake turn and turn to her left she just kept turning , waiting for the thump to follow, as she turned away at the last second not to bump the car behind the truck on her left, but she immediately managed to go into the space behind him, as the car which originally came from the opposite direction followed her example and flew into the empty space now right in front of her also in the wrong lane and as she corrected and went back into the opposite lane, she drove past him at slow speed now going back in the direction of her home.

It is then that she heard, ‘shit’ and suddenly the car had speed. She would recognize his voice anywhere in any world. He did some high-tech trick, which gave her speed, he said it is just the order to a screw to lift slightly, a trick of the trade…. but she could literally feel the transmission packing up as she continued driving back home. At the intersection near her home, the driver of the car that narrowly missed her, flagged her down. They could both barely leave their cars, legs of jelly.

She just said to him: ‘Sir what were you thinking Sir?’

He was very embarrassed and said he was late for a meeting.

‘’What about late for life?’’

They parted on good terms.

She received a short postcard soon afterwards:

…. CAR’S NOT worth having the trouble. I am declaring war on these cars. I shall send it to Mars.

Despite the intrusion she laughed and just wrote back: ‘Not yours to have or to hold’. The trick though was very NIFTY.

Things are never simple:

They were busy with UN Camp in Australia. She had a fit of giggles. She knew he was up to his usual streaks and decided there was more than one way to bust him.’

The whole company enjoyed a barbeque on the beautiful sands in Australia. The guys could not keep up with the untamable beer guts of their hosts. The French representative sat with her glass of wine quite openly skirting the edges toward an impromptu ”menage -a – trois”. Jovan just watched through squinted eyes, he hated cheap women or men for the same reasons. He hated anything tempting him, when it was not needed, like smells from cooking or a bakery when unsolicited. He viewed tempting as a form of begging. If there was anything he really and sincerely hated, it was begging.

The front doorbell rang. After checking all the security footage, she found the postcard on the front door gate: it simply read – NamibsRoos.

How could she not remember Australia? They fought each other like tigers in the heat of a late afternoon. He set the trap in the most refined way possible. He had her trapped inside approximately 400 meters. He made sure she got trapped there after their maneuver’s late morning. He very carefully also made sure that he would not raise the cavalry, by making sure at the hotel and offices, everyone knew that they were not to be expected.

She looked a mess. Her face was full of white marks and khaki green circles when she pounced him the first time. He said whew! Stop, Whew! It is me, Jovan.’’

‘’I know you ……’’. She came at him with a long bush knife. He suddenly realized that he was being hunted and not the other way around.

She let rip with a war cry… ‘’Fight for your balls!!’’ ‘’I warned you!!’’

Jovan took a split second to realize that she was serious. Only when she nicked him on his front upper arm, did it start sinking in for sure. He took defensive action and got the side of his right upper arm nicked as well.

She shouted at him. ‘’Do you know who Nicky Cruz was, skirt chaser?’’

‘’If you can tell me, I will lose the blade.’’

He got nicked on both arms and cheek before he decided it was time to retreat. He immediately hated her for his own retreat. It never crossed his mind once, that she may have been onto him, having set the trap for her.

He dared not show his face at the camp she had made right in the semicircle behind a huge rock.

Helena did not underestimate the steely eyed, bright genius. She knew she had to tread carefully.

While he was fleeing away from Helena, or so he thought, she was busy stealing all of his water and proviant for the rest of the weekend.

She had caught a small antelope the previous evening already before their day of camp and hid it well inside the small space beneath the rock. She kept it there, to trick him at some time or the other as she knew she was going to need it.

He thought the antelope was Helena chasing him.


Helena heard him growl like a lion and shout at the top of his voice, ….’now I am going to come and get you and it is not going to be pleasant anymore…’ He expletively shouted into the night all he was going to do and all he wanted to do to her as well. She became the nemesis in that second; all the taunts of his father and the silly women in the valley rolled into one big carpet that enveloped him with its powerful wickedness and hatred. He wanted to assault her like he would have wanted to assault each nick and nip of his father and felt like a madman unleashed.

His bitterness went full throttle the next morning. It was her weak spot, she could not unharness herself fast enough because she had a strange form of dyslexia and had to look at the metal clip where it and the rope equipment met, before she could let herself off the mountain.

He caught her right as she got up off the ledge and as she put a foot tentatively on the mountain. He had her pinned in no time. Her middle was arched back to the maximum, her head held in his right hand. Both her arms were pinned beneath her, his left hand securely around both her hands gripped her left side in a steel grip. He could feel the strength of his manly sword press into her.

He suddenly became aware of two things, the softness beneath his rugged chest and her mouth. As he bent her head even more backwards, things happened extremely fast.

She bent her hands behind her back, and he almost went flying off the mountain about 2 meters and landed on the rock below.


She ran for her life, he scrambled up the mountain like a fire ant.

She stopped and stood squared shoulders. She had practically no shoulders to speak off but had a lot of power in her upper arms.

She stood on the balls of her back feet. You come any closer and only one of us is leaving this place today and I will most certainly not only feed your balls to the coyotes, but I have also done enough harm as it is already, I would not do it to your mom.

He stormed her like a rhinoceros.

‘’You leave my ma out of this.’’

He went berserk.

She wounded his arm deeply with the blade as he punched her out, with one almighty punch to her right jaw, with a right hook jab.

As she fell her caught her and fell with her. He was bleeding all over her and himself.

He ripped her vest off her in order to stop the bleeding of his arm and used his belt to tie it off, for some time. He was dehydrated and half delirious.

He looked down at the pale skin.

He took the water bottle from her hip flask and took some satisfying swigs out the bottle.

He suddenly wondered out of the blue who the hell Nicky Cruz was and why did he have to know that.

All physical passion had left him. He just sat and stared down at her.

A feeling of light and wonder and a sudden peace and calmness came over him.

He sat there for a long time on top of the green mountain.

A tenderness such as he had never known in his life before overcame him as he sat and watched the woman.

He started to wipe her face with what is left of the water.

The more he touched her face the calmer and more peaceful he became. He suddenly realized that he could not remember of any instance that she has ever spoken fast. She always spoke at the same pace.

Her nasal intonation gave away her deep French roots.

She opened her eyes slowly. A big tear rolled down her left eye. He immediately tensed up.

Just as he heard the chopper approaching, ordered by Helena earlier that day.

Helena’s jaw was broken.

He faced a military tribunal. The two of them could still have talked away his cut arm but her jaw was difficult to talk away.

He had zero sexual feelings left for Helena, but the dreams had started. He started to dream dreams which were starting to change him forever,

Every day at the same day Helena would pray for himthree times a day. If she was by herself she would say his name and start praying in tongues.

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During the South African 70’s, a young nurse ruffles feathers as she shows a small town, and its golden boy, what it means to be an independent woman.

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