Enclosure Fathom – Part 2 Transmutation HOLOGRAPHIC Memory Of The Soul: Raka Versus Koki 5520 …..

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This post is dedicated to my one grandfather Hugh Edward Webb, the people of Tanzania and greater aunt Lilian Julian Webb – a.k.a. the writer Cynthia Stockley.

Cynthia Stockley (7 July 1873 – 15 January 1936) was a best-selling novelist in Britain, America, and Australia known for her romance novels usually set in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and South Africa. She also belongs to part of my ancestral family.

  • ENCLOSURE FATHOM – PART 1 – Transmutation HOLOGRAPHIC memory Of the Soul (5520) A, is a beautiful work that was accompanied by this ‘Vanitas’ part of its exhibition in the ‘Green Room’. This is a ‘puzzle bowl’ in two parts that come from Zanzibar in Tanzania. Many years ago, my grandpa got stuck during WW2 in the mountains. Those years it was still part of Kenya. He spent a year there, with amnesia, and was the only one left of his platoon. I will let the pictures weave their own story.
  • The figurines come from Kenya and were made into serviette/napkin rings.
  • The cloth was a present from a friend whom we see very seldom and is pure white and from Ecuador.
  • The tin is self-painted, as a copy of what grandpa saw. That is the way their tin cans looked way back when.
  • This ‘Vanitas’ symbolizes my grandpa’s holographic memories. How he wished to meet those same indigenous people who blessed him so. He would have liked to dish up a meal for them, which would celebrate their culture and would pay tribute. Neither they nor grandpa are here. BUT their memories remain in my DNA and in my family’s oral tradition – therefore the coasters are empty and the bowls as well.
  •   This bowl is a mystery bowl. If you get to know people, you partake in their memories. If you can follow those memories to the bottom of the bowl, you will be able to see the parts of the puzzle and get to build a picture of what their lives are really about: ZERO POINT.

This is a collection of digital works of both the ‘Vanitas’ as well as the original work:

Amnesia Looked After By The Divine: (5220) C to (5520) G – (5 x Digital Works)  

They Were Just There – (5520) C

Kilimanjaro Is Waiting – Tinman And The Watcher – (5520) D

Tamalone – (5520) E

Unbound To Adoration – (5520) F

This work is accompanied by a chapter of the work coming from the book: Enclosure Fathom, by Sharm.T.P – Copyrighted – 2001

                                                                     NOT BOUND TO ADORATION:

“Do you know Koseki?”

Then his memories started flooding her mind in the greatest of detail. She wanted to puke, but had to stay calm.

Other people’s affairs were seldomly simple.

He turned around, stood with his back towards her. She felt tremendous power rush through her. She trembled, she was in a beautiful field full of yellow grainy grass, and she saw an old, abandoned house sitting picture prettily in front of her. The gate opened Jovan just stood there with his arms open. She ran as fast as her half- broken body would take her. They just held each other, both sobbing for the longest time.

“How did you manage that?”

“Did you know you are very predictable, you little nonsense?”

“I doubt if anybody – CERTAINLY NOT – Liliputians may ever call me little anything.”

“You mean I’m not boring anymore; now I get to be a little something?”

He gave his usual husky laugh.

“Did you meet anyone of the old crew on your way in? “

“Do you have 108 minutes?”

In Paris they walked out of the chamber. Jovan came out with a red face & red eyes and Showboat too, Flyboy was cheerful. Tosho looked angry and upset. The Dean watched them pensively.

He did not expect them to look any different.

Flyboy flew to Switzerland for the weekend. As he entered the château, he stole the keys on the hook above reception as well as the card, next to Helena’s. name.

She felt sweaty and uncomfortable. She first took off the sweaty glasses. The water was running and steamily hot. As she turned around out the bathroom, she walked straight into Flyboy’s arms. He held onto her for dear life. She fought him worse than she had fought Jovan in the mountains.

He started laughing and teased her when he fell knocking his head against the television and flopped onto the soft yellow copper luxury bed, missing the sharp corner of her bedside table by millimeters. It was in about the 5th round. They both had scratches and scrapes and blood spots pouring from somewhere.

“You’re worse than a cat.”

His laughter side tracked her, enough that he kicked out his legs and swerved them sideways and knocked her with face half down on the bed. She knocked her wind out halfway on the side of the mattress as she landed. She was still gasping when he swirled her and suddenly stopped and gave her a feather kiss, full on her open mouth. The bewilderment on her face stirred him deeply it took him completely by surprise. He suddenly felt moved to tears. But Helena had no such feelings.

“So it is true, you.@#!#. she swore like a shipmate. You did kiss me in the clinic after I fell.”

By the time he got his bearings together she had already dumped pepper over his nostrils, eyes, mouth, from the lone pepper pot on the bedside to have him choking. She was full of pepper but had moved almost to sit on top of his chest. He realized that she was serious about her principles.

He practically threw her off him, with Godly fear in him. He thought he was going to choke to death.

She bumped her head against the footboard of the bed which was made of elaborate yellow wood and copper. He stumbled into her bathroom. Coughing aiming for the shower. She got up half dazed and started giving him emergency treatment. He inhaled an army load of pepper.

Chef and the doctor got to her room first. Half her shirt was out her pinafore, two buttons broken, exposing the fold of her breasts inside the frilly black bra. Her hair was a wild halo around her head. Without her glasses she had to squint slightly to make out objects, which gave her flashing eyes a dreamy look. She had scratches everywhere.

“WTF?” Chef saw her, as if for the first time. He went to close the shower taps. Took the gown from its hook behind the door and hung it around her shoulders discreetly.

“I could have killed him.”

“Maybe you should have.”

“That is a very ugly thing to say.”

It was the chef’s turn to be glared at. He did not know what to make of it. She did not wish to make a statement, just asked him to give her a chance to freshen up and to see the hotel owner.

The owner sent a car to pick her up. They met at the Wooden Three Story House on the deep green ranch in the field, surrounded by woods, 77 kilometers away. He immediately rushed to greet her. “I love you, I am never ever letting you go!”

She kissed him with a greeting discreetly, he complained about it discreetly: “Never kiss a girl, with bubblegum.”

She blushed deeply. He excused himself, to go to the bathroom.

The hotel owner took the report from her, inside the leather folder. It was a field report marked: Derivative Classification – Hotel Brunch – They were part of the investigation, into deep international fraud and human trafficking, at the highest level.

When she walked into the hospital, Flyboy was asleep. Attached to a drip, full of scratches and plasters. His eyelids were puffy and a night stubble had started to form. She got permission to sit with him. Held the strong hand, lying on the bedsheet, carefully and softly as if it could break any moment.

A tear fell onto the fine hairs at the back of his hand. She got up and went to sign the papers for her weekly drips, which usually took 6 hours to be done, and requested an anti – tetanus jab. She woke up just past 5 but realized only after some time, that her arms were pinned at the wrists, very firmly. He was planting the last of 4 kisses on her face.

While she had slept he had kissed her on both eyelids, forehead and mouth, but she was drugged on 20mg morphine. The chemo treatment caused her a lot of extreme pain. She woke as he kissed her lightly on her mouth. Her manner told him something was wrong. She couldn’t focus properly

 “Is that you……?”

“But I already kissed you, just now. Did you not get the tech inside the bubblegum?”

She was gone again.

He felt ice cold.

He took her face in his hands:

Who did you kiss Helena?

He tried to wake her up.

About an hour later, she surfaced again but, he immediately felt resistance as he’d been holding her hands all the time. She stiffened. He just let go.

“Helena, now you listen to me. I checked your chart. What’s going on with you. Why didn’t anybody tell us you’d left because you’re dying?”

He felt livid.

“You’re not allowed to die. I am going to jump time with you to the 70’s and take you to a beautiful, empty drive inn. I wanna watch “A Star Is Born” with you and where she starts to sing “Evergreen”, I want to kiss you, until you are breathless. I wish to know every millimeter of your face.”

‘’I will build it for you in a field full of pink and white daisy blossoms.”

‘’I will not approach your bride’s treasure or enter your sweet mouth. Just explore your beautiful face.” ‘’It has to be an Eternally Given fact that you are to be my wife. I will fight time itself, I don’t give a fuck what that chamber says.’’

‘’Even if I have to forge holographic memories. I will win.”

 “And if you don’t know, I am there, then I will bring everything to a standstill. Not all the pepper in the world will stop me. You’re mine.”

Needless to mention great resistance followed.

“And I have no say in it all?”

“So, you DID kiss me, while I slept in hospital way back when?”

“Of course.”

She was trying to pull out the cushion from under her head to push between him and her, but he grabbed the cushion by its side and held it in place on both sides, leaning over her.

“Do you always have to try and trap me you Neanderthal?”

Suddenly he just sat down and burst out laughing.

“I missed you, you little vixen. Will you never give up or in for anything or anybody?”

“Never! Did I not hear you saying if you gonna eat, you gotta hunt, not hint baby?”

He laughed and tickled her side… “Okay and where does the line between hunt and hint lie exactly Missy?”

She shied away from his tickle and smiled broadly. “Sometime between seldomly and suddenly.” He suddenly sobered and took her left hand in both his hands, against little resistance. “I’m sorry about today. You were within your rights to do that.”

Her eyes lit up in anger again, so he did not labor the point. “But, Helena, please be careful of……. . He is a super master in his field, but unpredictable at times, like you know.”

“I know I have to be super careful of him. He always goes overboard, much as you, yourself.

He was surprised how angry it made him. He sat forward and pinned her with two dark eyes.

“I’m NOT him, or anything LIKE him.”

“Then start acting LIKE it.”

“The only thing the job manual says is, ‘engage discreetly; hand recipient tech inserted into gum discreetly, and disengage.”

“So I DISCREETLY close my teeth and he; or whoever is the collector; is just supposed to touch lips and pick the ball of chewing gum off my two front teeth.”

“But does it ever just happen that way?”


You see, he is like a drill.” “He just thinks sleight of tongue can do it.”

He pushes the gum to the side of his mouth and then uses his tongue, like a drill, to try and work his way through my teeth.

“So THAT is why he chronically bleeds from his mouth, and pretends it’s his nose.”


“SO DISCREET …….. he dug through his OWN shit about a week ago; with a fork for 13 hours, to find the gum, because I bit him so hard he swallowed the gum with the tech inside.”

“So, I’d say YOU stealing my keys,

waiting in my room,

grabbing me,

chasing me,

pinning me,

makes you a first class…. she said the ugly word again, and exactly, a wannabe rapist, still in training shoes.”

She plucked open her shirt to expose her bra and upper torso to him. It was the daisy bra.

“There!! Touch THEM I dare you, with me *compos mentis*”

He looked at her taut skin and felt weak. Her anger earlier, had already flushed his system to the point of overload.

“They are NOT Bound To ADORATION.”

He did not lift a finger.

He was in a massive struggle with;

his heart,

his hormones

and himself.

He was struggling to hold on to whatever control he had.

She had already closed her shirt. But he could tell by her breathing she was fighting for self- control too, but it was because of anger not feelings of any other kind.

But he had a new headache to square. Helena’s flowers were not blossoming under his eyes. He could clearly see as swollen as he felt, as much did Helena apparently flatlined. He watched her nostrils flare like a purebred’s.

She picked up each thought, blow by blow.

“I have been training my body since I was 5 years old.”

“I only allow it, to do what I wish it to do, or know what is right.”

He was speechless.

“It is NOT Bound To ADORATION.”

As his rational mind started to kick in, she could see his attention shift.

“When I was little I read in the Book of James in the Bible, that if a man can control his tongue, he can control his whole body.”

“How did you manage that?”

He paused for a bit..

“Did you manage that?”

He paused even more…

“What did you manage?”

Every pause brought him closer as he sat closer with his elbows on the bed, next to Helena. His head was only about 15cm away from her face.

“Do you know King Solomon? He wrote that not the most fashionable woman on earth or kings or queens etc. are dressed as beautiful as the lilies of the fields. God clothed them Himself.”

So, I asked flowers if they loved adoration in a flowerpot more, being adored by people and cut off in water, or being outside in the fields where they were put naturally.”

“I hate cutting off flowers.”

He quietly asked her, watching her shining eyes full of the purest innocence….

“Did they answer you?”

She beamed a beautiful smile at him.

“Yes, but only one flower. It was one in a white bush of daisies: I cannot speak their language. So one day I asked many times and just heard once: ‘unbound by adoration’, so I realized I never have to compete with anybody or do things to get bound to adoration.”

“I just pray and do what my heart tells me to do.”

“So, one day when I get married, I shall have beautiful, powerful, sensual relations with my husband, by mutual adoration and love, in the moment and our spirits would become one.”

“I shall be bound to the commitment that only allows him to step over that line, but I do not wish to be in bondage to him or enslaved by it. He will have total control as it is. It shall be of the highest fabric, quality and pleasure.”

“Nobody should be bound to adoration.”

By the mention of that, his loins felt inflamed with heat. To have her at his total mercy, took his emotions to feverish heights.

His heart felt as if it could burst its chambers.

Tears rolled down his cheeks.

After some time had passed… He lifted his left hand and tucked a hair tendril behind her left ear with the tenderness of a saint. She did not know what to do. She became quiet and did not move a muscle.

He just took both her hands and held them.

It was a sacred moment, that would change both forever.

She prayed for him in her mind.

“The first rule of love is protection, that’s what grandpa taught me.”

“So how do I start?”

“When untoward feelings or emotions start up, you just speak in your mind ‘not the appropriate time, space, place or person.’ You can even speak to the body part it involves directly, and firmly and wait 20 minutes.”

“Well, you must not forget to chase away anything influencing the airwaves around you, as well, we share this frequency with lots of parasitic beings.”

“We are behind about 20/21 minutes in this time- line, so after that time, be it feelings or spirits, they have to leave.”

Then she also started to cry. First softly, then louder.

He just sat forward and held her for the longest time.

His shirt was sopping wet, literally, but he planned to keep it forever.

As she pulled away, she blushed like usual and fist bumped him, saying softly… ‘remember now, not bound to adoration.’

He left the hospital grounds and went back to base.

When he saw the case officer looking after Helena, first thing that Monday morning, he punched him with a raging- cold – calm fist, breaking both his nose and the upper row of the guy’ s front teeth.

They did not get anything from him.

When the Dean had to decide his fate, he just said, the reasons for his actions were …… ‘culprit doesn’t disengage discreetly’.

The Dean just curtsy as for a hero, shook his head, opened the door, and gestured for him to leave. He frowned after Flyboy had left. Rubbed his eyes and forehead.

How was he going to get Helena through the training unscathed and then, there was the real world still waiting outside?

Flyboy took Helena’s words to heart. He practiced with words and thought of her. Became heavy by looking at magazines. He was a normal young man, with a genius iq and complex attributes, from a very affluent family, but he wanted Helena. Time would tell if it was merely because of the unattainable idea in his mind, or if he really loved her. Time proved the latter.

Jovan– (5520) G

Caves – The Way: (5520) H to (5520) Q – 10 X Digital Works

Watchers Of The Caves – (5520) H

Guarding The Paths – (5520) I

Heart And Shoes Of The Cave – (5520) J

At The Beat Of The Drum – Spinning Faster – (5520) K

NOT Angels But They Were There – (5520) L

He Watched & The Owls Watched – (5520) M

Remembering Home – (5520) N

Time To Say Goodbye – (5520) O

50% Whispers Of Africa – Zebra Cave Gate – (5520) P

Seasons Change: Going Home (5520) Q

Face Off: Raka Versus Koki 1 ( 5520) R

Face Off: Raka Versus Koki 2 ( 5520) S

Listen with me to: African Dream By Romanz

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