LACDA: Los Angeles – Exhibitions, Dec. 12, 2019 – Jan. 4, 2020

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The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art was established in April of 2004 as a venue to support the efforts of the burgeoning scene revolving around art and technology. Also known as “LACDA”. Its founder and director of the gallery, Rex Bruce, has been called the “Digital Art King” in an interview with Citizen L.A. LACDA just got cited as one of “30 Must-See Art Museums in the U.S.”

The work ”Tabula Recta (5523) C” which features in the Enclosure Fathom Part-2 exhibition can be seen in the photographic form at the ‘SNAP AND GRID’ exhibition at LACDA during the above dates. It is the opposite blueprint of the work ”The Rose Revisited: The Floating Matrix” also seen recently at the CICA MUSEUM in Seoul, South Korea.

The work “I Wanna Be A Starwalker” about the encounter of the artist with a real sea star in an aquarium in Busan in South Korea and the topic of an upcoming book aimed to be published in 2021, can be seen at the ‘OPEN SOURCE’ exhibition at LACDA during the above dates. It has also been seen recently at the CICA MUSEUM in Seoul, South Korea recently, during November 2019.

Busan is a sister city to Los Angeles, whilst Seoul where the sea star digital work was exhibited recently, is only a friendly city to Los Angeles. Nevertheless, nothing wrong with collecting digital voyager miles via teleporting.

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