Completed – Group Exhibition – Florence International Biennale of Contemporary Art and Design: XIII FB THEME 2021 – Eternal Feminine – Change. Date: 23 – 31 October 2021.

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“Nafurat Miah Alshurb” – The Fountain of Excellent Memories in Mother’s Eyes – “Ayin – Zayin”

‘’Feeds our Thirst

The Rose Revisited

‘’Help Mother Download Only Excellent Memories

The Eye of The Fountain is The Breast That Feeds Us: It Flowers

We Flower”.

As seen in: ART Habens Art Review, Biennial Edition (Special Edition) – Webzine (47th issue) – Great Brittain, Published on Dec 31, 2021.

The single mirrored part of this picture also forms a part of the artist’s branded, formal logo for her artwork and website.

The work is part of an upcoming digital exhibition about ”BIRTH” and the right of babies. It is also accompanied by

a short story, which forms a part of the book Enclosure Fathom 2001 – Copyrighted by the artist.

The buyer of the work, will also receive a copy of the full chapter with the work.

The digital version is also set to the interpretation of the African song ”Thula Baba”, by world renowned, press – shy,

musicians, Dr. Maria-Elizabeth Bezuidenhout and husband John Rojas.


Exhibited at Florence International Biennale of Contemporary Art and Design: XIII FB THEME 2021 – Eternal

Feminine – Change. Date: 23 -31 October 2021

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Upcoming Solo Exhibition – Enclosure Fathom: “Nafurat Miah Alshurb” – “Ayin – Zayin” – Renewal of Birth: A Bespoke

Collection – SHARM.T.P (

Breadcrumb of the accompanying storyline:

Comment 1:
Oh leave the Wise our measures to collate
One thing at least is certain, LIGHT has WEIGHT,
One thing is certain, and the rest debate —
Light-rays, when near the Sun, DO NOT GO STRAIGHT.
The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam – Arthur Eddington – recounting his 1919 solar eclipse experiment.

Comment 2:
There is no question ‘whether’ an event has happened because of your prayer. When the event you prayed for occurs your prayer has always contributed to it. When the opposite event occurs your prayer has never been ignored; it has been considered and refused, for your ultimate good and the good of the whole universe. –
C. S. Lewis – Miracles

Abdullah felt like a dried out corncob.….

His pseudo tail was dragging along as he sailed out the taxi door. He felt too washed out and tired to have anger rise in him, when his eyes fell on his OWN taxi parked neatly in front of the hotel..

On the front windscreen a bright pink sticky note was firmly pasted down which read in two different languages; “boointjie kry sy loointjie, ERTJIES RULE!!!!” 

Earlier that day he’d walked head on, into his own stupidity, like a true ‘Don Kwiksot’; straight into his own brand of crazy. Properly smashed into it.
After recent events he’d thought Irina Mask had taken a real knock from a windmill somewhere along her life.
Lost in his own egotistical fallacy he had completely forgotten that if you go and try to pluck the fins off a windmill in full bloom, you may receive a punch as a handout for your trouble. He had received several. 

It had all begun the previous evening at the reception at the new library in Alexandria in Egypt.
Col. Frik Jacobs and Frank sat and had an interesting conversation while Irina still went through her notes for her public speech within the hour.

Abdullah was his own charming self who was engaging with the other guests in the fabulous room…….

Music to listen to with this work as well:

Afri – talia: Cristian Mangano – ”Neem My Op Vlerke”

Florence International Biennale of Contemporary Art and Design:

Florence Biennale is the major contemporary art exhibition in Florence (Italy), where it is regarded as an outstanding showcase of the international contemporary art production.

Every two years the Florence Biennale enlivens the Medicean city with a programme of collateral events such as conferences, displays, performances, workshops and lectures. All this with a view to offer artists and their audience the opportunity to engage with art and culture, and know more about the theme of each edition of the biennial.

Since it was founded the Florence Biennale has been a free, independent, and innovative ‘platform’ for contemporary art. Over the years thousands of artists from over a hundred countries have exhibited their works at the Florence Biennale, which brings in the main art forms and disciplines.

During each edition of the Florence Biennale an International jury composed of distinguished scholars, art historians and critics from different countries confer the ‘Lorenzo il Magnifico’ Award to the best exhibiting artists, or winners to be chosen amongst the finalists for their works on display, respectively.

The exhibiting artists compete in a range of art categories, which, in the XIIIth edition of the Florence Biennale, includes Drawing & Calligraphy, Painting, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Ceramic Art, Textile & Fiber Art, Jewellery Art, Photography, New Media Art, Video Art, Installation Art, and Performance Art.

Furthermore, the ‘Lorenzo il Magnifico’ Lifetime Achievement Awards are conferred to individuals and institutions who have reached pinnacles of artistic achievement or stood out for their contribution to culture.

The cross-cultural dialogue through art is one of the main principles that have inspired the Florence Biennale since its foundation.

Because of this the artists participating to the Florence Biennale virtually become ambassadors of tolerance and peace as they share these values, as well as respect for diversity, without which such a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary event would not be possible.

Florence Biennale is committed to fostering awareness of the importance of art and the role of artists in societies by reviving history while looking at the present for a sustainable future of creativity.

Fortezza da Basso

Exhibition Venue

The Fortezza da Basso, a Renaissance masterpiece of military architecture, that since 1967 has been the main center for exhibitions in Florence, strategically located in the historical center. The Fortezza is the ideal venue for events of high artistic value, its evocative charm recalls the splendor of the Medici governance.

A unique location in the world, combining perfectly restored historic locations with modern pavilions such as the Spadolini Pavilion.

Access to pavilions and to interior spaces is made possible through three driveway and pedestrian gates (Porta S. Maria Novella, Porta Faenza and Porta Mugnone) and two pedestrian entrances (Porta alle Carra and Porta Soccorso alla Campagna).

Access for persons with reduced mobility is guaranteed in all the public areas of the venues.


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