The Blue Car – Update –

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Once in a lifetime things do not happen often. In this case it had happened at least 4 times. I have to rethink …once in a lifetime.

Many years ago I had to convert my class 10 vehicle license from a different country to be able to drive in Oman. It so happens that I can drive both stick shift and automatic transmission vehicles. This particular day after long negotiations and a particularly busy day at the police station’s traffic section, I got issued with my new driver’s licence to drive automatic transmission vehicles.

As I got to the car, I suddenly noticed that A.I. had the last say – or did it really? My licence was issued but with the name of an Arabic man, my picture and National Residence Permit nr.

So the jokes started that I was now driving with my license in this individual’s name and he somewhere far away with mine. He had left the police station without returning his license card with my name on, but his picture id.

I did have mine corrected.

There were at least 3 other occasions where there were documented issues with the blue car and ‘truth’.

I had to choose particularly well in this case. This car is a symbol of many things. In the end when the new owner took it, to where I remember and enjoyed this car the most – I had felt at peace. I know that it is where it belongs.

In the future it would be easy to find. At my favorite place in Nizwa, the Birkat Al Mouz – Oasis – where a special letter and it awaits someone very special.

Willem, my husband, and I had spent a beautiful afternoon in the oasis with the new owner of the car and his family. Celebrating in typical Arabic Fashion.

And the new owner/ guardian of the car’s name – well the same name as misprinted on my original driver’s license of course! – NO HUMAN HAND – involved.

These days I have been blocked to access some features of social media remotely. I have therefore decided to continue to do any future posts on my website only.

Enjoy some of the pictures for the promo short video coming up shortly for the auction online. It was taken here in Birkat Al Mouz in Oman.