Upcoming Solo Exhibition – Enclosure Fathom – HARBIYE – Introduction – Heaven Came To Fight For Me.

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Heaven Came To Fight For Me (02051116) A

Artist Notes:

The woman woke up. Everything had gone quiet around her. She was filled with reverential fear and respect. The purity washed over her like fine notes of the indescribable. It pierced her heart in the most refined, cleansing manner. She was alone in a small village. 

She had woken up that morning to find two massive angels guarding the doors to her room. They guarded her without uttering a sound. She could just sometimes hear the swish as they moved with her.

So started a new chapter in her life. 

Heaven Came To Fight For Me (02051116) B

As the portal opened as she prayed and fasted: she felt living waters flow over her. Not dragon urine, not chloric swimmingpool water, or any earthly fluid. It slowly started swirling like a slow eddying power, then it started moving faster. The faster it swirled the more stable her feelings and emotions became. The cleansing power moved through her like a whirlpool of purity. She knew in that moment that nothing or nobody could ever change her again. In that moment the full blast of the eddying power had her prostrated on the floor. Her physical body had limitations, her spirit not. 

She got up, greatly humbled, with an unknown depth of love for those around her.

 The Ice Remembers (02051116) C


http://www.therosslynmotet.com/cription Stuart Mitchell is the son of pianist and composer Thomas J. Mitchell. In 2005, the Mitchell’s received media coverage from Reuters, ITN, BBC, and CNN/Fox News when they deciphered a musical code of cymatics carved into the ceiling design of Rosslyn Chapel. In collaboration with John Stuart Reid of Cymascope.com, the process was confirmed in a television documentary by The Discovery Channelin the USA and Channel 5 in the UK, recently aired a documentary titled “The Da Vinci Code: The True Story”, in which the truth behind Dan Brown’s novel is revealed. Aspects of the chapel were featured in Dan Brown’s novel, The Da Vinci Code. Rosslyn Chapel holds a musical mystery in its architecture and design. At one end of the chapel, on the ceiling are 4 cross-sections of arches containing elaborate symbolic designs on each array of cubes (in actual fact they are rectangles mostly). The ‘cubes’ are attached to the arches in a musically sequential way. And to confirm this, at the ends of each arch there is an angel playing a musical instrument of a different kind. After 27 years of study and research by Stuart’s father Thomas.J.Mitchell, we believe he has found the pitches and tonality that match the symbols on each cube, revealing its melodic and harmonic progressions. It is what we could call ‘frozen music’, a little like cryogenics. The music has been frozen in time by symbolism, it was only a matter of time before the symbolism began to ‘thaw out’ and begin to make sense to scientific and musical perception. The designers appear to have applied this formula to record the music in stone carvings and we have translated the frequencies employing this formula to Rosslyn Chapel’s cubic, carved patterns.